On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 03:27:50PM +0100, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Hi Lukas,
> I found an ubuntu manpage saying sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy is
> an experimental feature. 
> Would you suggest to drop it
> in ipa-client-install?

It's not experimental (at least upstream) for several years.. What sssd
version is that?

> IMHO this is a pretty annoying bug. I rely upon a port
> redirection for ssh on IPv4. For IPv6 there is no
> redirection, but the port is blocked in the packet filter.

Would it help to set lookup_family_order to ipv4_only here so that ipv6
is not even tried (or the other way around, depending on which AF you
want to try..)

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