W dniu 2016-02-24 15:34, Sumit Bose napisaƂ(a):
The error indicates that there already is a trust on the AD side to a
domain which either has linux.test.local as domain name or the same
NetBIOS domain name. The default NetBIOS domain name in your case would

You can check the names of the trusted domains with e.g.

ldapsearch -H ldap://ad-server.ad.domain' -b 'dc=ad,dc=domain'
'objectClass=trustedDomain' name flatName trustPartner

If you cannot find a collision here there might be a collision with the
NetBIOS name of a host. You can check this with

ldapsearch -H ldap://ad-server.ad.domain -b 'dc=ad,dc=domain'
'objectClass=computer'  sAMAccountName

Thank you for help. I've found computer account called linux.test.local in
test.local domain tree. After account was removed trust setup went fine.


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