On (24/02/16 13:45), Torsten Harenberg wrote:
>we had some trouble with sssd in the past as well on machines which
>suffer from a high IO load (cluster nodes running scientific calculations).
>Following a suggestion from the list here, we moved the local sssd cache
>into a tmpfs, so our fstab contains now a
>tmpfs   /var/lib/sss/db tmpfs   size=50M,auto 1 2
>That solved our problem with sssd. I'm not sure it would help you, but
>maybe still worth a thought..
it's just a workaround and might solve symptoms.

But It would good to see a log files.
BTW we plan to do performance enhancement in 1.14

If you want you can add to CC in ticket
and we can then provide test build.

But if we identify issue in log files we might fix it
as part of performance work in sssd-1.14


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