On Sat, 27 Feb 2016, Martin Juhl wrote:
Hi guys

I have setup a NT4 Domain, using Freeipa as a ipasam backend...

Normal user authentication and shares seems to work, but i'm getting an
error when trying to join a Windows 7 machine to the domain (see

To me it seems to be the same error as here: 

Does anyone know if this patch have been implemented in the freeipa in CentOS??:
This should be fixed in RHEL 7 after rebase to 4.2.3, according to
upstream git:

$ git tag --contains 9a86ca9779c7be9cd6e2f6f7c18233d1c9883bef | head -1

RHEL 7 had 4.2.3 coming as * Tue Jul 14 2015 Andreas Schneider <a...@redhat.com> - 4.2.3-1 - related: #1196140 - Rebase to version 4.2.3 - resolves: #1237036 - Fix DCERPC PDU calculation - resolves: #1237039 - Fix winbind request cancellation - resolves: #1223981 - Fix possible segfault with smbX protocol setting

Or is this another issue????
Most likely it is. We do not support using FreeIPA via ipasam as NT4
domain controller and this mode was never tested. I don't know how
exactly you run ipasam configuration.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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