since I upgraded to 4.2.0 on Centos, OTPs do not seem to work anymore.
Name        : ipa-server
Version     : 4.2.0
Release     : 15.el7_2.6

The error I see in the
Feb 28 23:01:40 id1 krb5kdc[2894](info): AS_REQ (6 etypes {18 17 16 23 25
26}) NEEDED_PREAUTH: alessan...@xx.com for krbtgt/xx....@xx.com,
Additional pre-authentication required
Feb 28 23:01:41 id1.XX.com krb5kdc[2896](info): AS_REQ (6 etypes {18 17 16
23 25 26}) PREAUTH_FAILED: alessan...@xx.com for krbtgt/
xx....@xx.com, Incorrect password in encrypted challenge

I tried syncing the OTP and also creating a new one.
Strangely enough I can connect OK with the VPN supplying password + OTP,
but OTP is not working on both freeipa gui and when issuing sudo.

Could someone help me understand what is going on?


Alessandro De Maria
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