Thomas Raehalme wrote:
> Hi!
> I have setup certificates for Puppet as described here:
> Unfortunately SELinux is giving me hard time when invoking "ipa-getcert
> request" to generate the private/public key for the Puppet agent
> (permission denied when trying to write the key pair to
> /var/lib/puppet/ssl). 
> Disabling SELinux temporarily solves the issue, but the same problem
> reappears when renewing the certificate (ipa-getcert reports status
> NEED_CERTSAVE_PERMS for the request). 
> What would be the proper way to enable the necessary permissions on SELinux?

There is probably no rule that allows certmonger to read/write/etc in

The short-term fix would be to use audit2allow to generate the rule:

# setenforce permissive
# getcert request ...
# ausearch -m AVC -ts recent | audit2allow -M puppet
<look at the output of puppet.te to ensure it is sane>
# semodule -i puppet.pp
# setenforce enforcing
# getcert resubmit ...

It may be preferable to label the /var/lib/puppet/ssl/* directories as
certmonger_var_lib_t but I don't know what would do to puppet. You could
trade one problem for another. A BZ against selinux might be warranted
to see what they think.

Note that the first route would give certmonger access to anything
labeled as var_lib_t which might not be so nice.

And you'd probably want to resubmit with SELinux in permissive to see if
any additional perms are needed, like unlink perhaps.


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