I've seen that howto, but it's not my case. I cannot establish a trust between IPA and AD, because AD domain involves additional UPNs (mydomain.com and another.mydomain.com) in addition to main domain foobar.local. This scenario is not supported by current version of FreeIPA (maybe in future releases).
So: FreeIPA domain and AD domain have to be different.


Il 10/03/2016 13:23, Justin Stephenson ha scritto:

Are you looking for this? This leverages the AD trust to allow samba
within IPA to resolve AD users from a trusted AD domain/forest

        *Howto/Integrating a Samba File Server With IPA*



On 03/10/2016 06:29 AM, Giulio Casella wrote:
Hi guys,
I've got a FreeIPA domain up and running, with a nfs server, joined to
IPA domain, offering user's home directories.

I'd like to give users on Windows 7 PC (not joined to the same domain)
the ability to mount those home directories via samba (entering
credentials, not kerberos, being different domains).

How can I configure samba to use IPA kerberos authentication
authentication to offer access to home directories?

I know this could be configured more as a samba question, but I hope
someone in this list already faced my scenario.

Thanks in advance,

Giulio Casella                                    giulio at di.unimi.it
System and network manager
Computer Science Dept. - University of Milano

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