On Mon, 14 Mar 2016, Daryl Fonseca-Holt wrote:
Hello Thierry,

In searching for a way to slow down the start of kadmind I discovered that the prepare-replica install-replica process was modifying /etc/sysconfig/krb5kdc to this:
 KRB5KDC_ARGS='-w 64'
 KRB5KDC_ARGS='-w 64'
during the configuration of krb5kdc. Prior to that the file only contained:

I paused the replica-install as soon as this change appeared, made KRB5KDC_ARGS null, then resumed. The replica-install completed without error.

Here's where it gets a bit odd. That value was, at one time, used on the master where the prepare-replica was done but has not been in /etc/sysconfig/krb5kdc for a long time. How is it being propagated from the master to the new replica?

Is there some way to decrypt the replica file copied from the master to the replica after the replica-prepare to confirm that is where the value is coming from? Or is it being calculated on the replica? And why does it appear twice?

64 is the number of cores on the master and replica hosts. At one time I adjusted /etc/sysconfig/krb5kdc on the master so there would be one krb5kdc daemon process for each core but later decided to wait until stress testing showed that it was actually useful. I observed that starting that many instances of krb5kdc did stress the dirsrv instance for a little while during an ipactl restart.
I think this value is not in the replica file. This is part of
configuration of Kerberos KDC
(ipaserver/krbinstance.py, see KrbInstance.__configure_instance())
and it is based on the value of 'getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN'.

When replica is being installed, the installer will call
KrbInstance.create_replica() and that one will call
__configure_instance(), thus setting up the KRB5KDC_ARGS to '-w <_NPROCESSORS_ONLN>'.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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