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I would like to have authenticated users to upload a csr request and
have their certificate automatically signed. Their certificate would
expire in x days.

Given the short life of the certificate, I would then like them to be
able to easily download the certificate.

Any suggestion on how to do it?
I would prefer the shell script approach but also having it self
serviced on the web ui would be great.


Alessandro De Maria
alessandro.dema...@gmail.com <mailto:alessandro.dema...@gmail.com>

Hi Alessandro,

for FreeIPA 4.2+ you can use the following links as a guide to set up a custom profile and CA ACL rules so that users can request certificates for themselves:


The user then can generate CSR request e.g. using OpenSSL and use 'ipa cert-request' to send it to IPA CA. If you specify 'store=True' when adding the custom certificate profile, the certificate will be added to the user entry as 'usercertificate;binary' attribute which he can view from CLI/WebUI as PEM and save it to a file by copy-pasting it (The functionality to save the certificate directly to a file is under development).

It should be possible to modify the certificate profile to restrict the maximum validity of the issued certificate but I have no knowledge about that. I have CC'ed Fraser Tweedale (the blog post author), he may help you with this.

Martin^3 Babinsky

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