On 15/03/16 17:22, Rob Crittenden wrote:
lejeczek wrote:
On 15/03/16 14:14, lejeczek wrote:
On 15/03/16 13:42, Rob Crittenden wrote:
lejeczek wrote:
On 14/03/16 17:06, Rob Crittenden wrote:
lejeczek wrote:

ipa: ERROR: group LDAP search did not return any result (search base: ou=groups,dc=ccnr,dc=biotechnology, objectclass: groupofuniquenames,

I see users went in but later I realized that current samba's ou was
"group" not groups.
Can I just re-run migrations?
Yes. It will skip over anything that already exists in IPA.
thanks Rob, may I ask why process by defaults looks up only
groupofuniquenames, groupofnames?
It is conservative but this is why it can be overridden.

Is there a reason it skips ldap+samba typical posixGroup &
We haven't had many (any?) reports of migrating from ldap+samba.

Lastly, is there a way to preserve account locked/disabled status for
I don't know how it is stored but as lon
g as the schema is available in
IPA then the values should be preserved on migration unless the
attributes are associated with a blacklisted objectclass.


last - this must most FAQ people wonder - can IPA's 389 backend be used in the same/similar fashion samba uses ldap? skipping all the
kerberos bits? (samba & IPA on the same one box)
this might be more 389-ds related - in old days I remember DS had mozldap dedicated toolset, how is it these days? How do users deal
with 389-ds IPA-related bits?

many thanks

now when I've groups migrated I see mappings user-group are lost. Would it be because my groups did not go in first time together with users?

Need more info. What do you mean by mappings are lost?

yes, sorry, supplementary groups, these are there but I don't see id command confirms user is a member.

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