We currently have 18 master ODSEE servers that we use to provide
authentication services to both Redhat, SuSE, and Solaris systems. We
are looking to add IPA servers to environment.

We have a requirement to track time of last authentication.  With
ODSEE, time of last authentication tracking is enabled with this:

*dsconf set-server-prop pwd-keep-last-auth-time-enabled:on*

Looking at the Redhat DS 9 documentation, I see an account policy plug-in:

cn=Account Policy Plugin,cn=plugins,cn=config

Looking the freeipa.org pages on the server plugins, I do not see the
account policy plugin listed.

Looking in the directory DT of a "VERSION: 4.2.0, API_VERSION: 2.156"
installed on Redhat 7, I do see the account policy plugin in the
config tree.

Is the use of this account policy plugin supported with IPA? Should it work?


Bob Harvey
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