Hi there.
I setup an IPA4.2.0 on RHEL7 service for our CS department on
ipa.cs.ru.is(temporarily down) and ipa2.cs.ru.is
I used StartSSL to sign our certificate for HTTP and LDAP usage because I
didn't want our users to deal with the internal CA nor could we get the CA
certificate signed.  Problem is, I can't find any information on how to
get the new certificates installed on the running IPA server.  They expire
in 2 days, so I'm running out of time. Any help would be greatly

I can only find information on how to setup these certificates on a brand
new IPA or replicant.  There isn't any obvious information on how to put
updated certificates into a running instance.

Thanks in advance.

Dr. Joseph T. Foley <fo...@ru.is> Assistant Professor,  Reykjavik
University +354-599-6569

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