I have recently configured IPA master and replica server. I am trying to 
configure IPA users central home directories which means when a user 
authenticate through IPA on any client, will have same home directory. To 
achieve this goal, I have configured a NFS server, joined and configured nfs 
with IPA.

I have Rhel 7 and CentOS  7 clients. Rhel clients are working as expected, when 
IPA users are authenticated on Rhel clients they can get home directory from 
nfs server. df -h shows any entry of nfs user home directory mounted.

When a client is Centos 7, users are able to authenticated from IPA and can 
login but can't get home directory from NFS server. I can manually mount a dir 
with nfs server which verifies communication is working between centos client 
and nfs.

All neccesary ports are open and centos configurations are pretty much same as 
Rhel clients. I even disabled selinux, but no luck. Has anyone experienced same 

Another question: At the moment, there is single nfs serve which is single 
point of failure, what best method I can use for HA of user home directories?

Many Thanks



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