On Tue, 29 Mar 2016, lejeczek wrote:
last - this must most FAQ people wonder - can IPA's 389 backend be used in the same/similar fashion samba uses ldap? skipping all the kerberos bits? (samba & IPA on the same one box)
For Samba and IPA on the same box, this is configured properly with
when I started I thought to make this samba<=>ipa chatter more constructive I should do ... so I wound up with samba(@openldap) having/using the same DN as IPA has in 389. Will it work to do ipa-addtrust-install on that one box with samba+ipa ?
Can you please re-phrase your question? What "it"? What "would work"?

I've said several times that on IPA master all you need to run is
ipa-adtrust-install and then user 'net conf addshare/delshare/setparm'
to configure specific shares, and use POSIX ACLs in your file system to
define access rules.

for a demo
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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