On 14.04.2016 14:28, Stephen Berg (Contractor) wrote:
I'm looking for a command line method to get current status on a client without having a ticket or authenticating to the IPA domain.

Back in the NIS days from a client you could run "ypwhich" and be able to know if that system were bound to the NIS and which server it had bound to. So far I can't find a way to do a similar function in FreeIPA.

I'd to do this from a cron job on each client once a day.

We're running a mix of SciLinux 6.7 and 7.2. The servers are all on 7.2 running ipa VERSION: 4.2.0, API_VERSION: 2.156.


sorry but it is not clear to me what kind of status you would like to get on a client.

IPA client (SSSD) uses dynamic detection of IPA servers (unless you configured it manually).


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