On 22.04.2016 16:00, Gady Notrica wrote:

Hello World,

I am trying to enable roundrobin on freeipa. I have 2 servers providing same service (http). I am trying to give it a friendly name so that when user what to access it, they can land on any one of the 2 servers.

But IPA dns doesn’t want to let me create CName that has the same name but 2 different destination.

How do I go around this?




you don't, ldapschema limits CNAME to just one value in IPA

It is possible with BIND9.1+ to have multiple CNAMEs ? http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/networking_2ndEd/dns/ch10_07.htm

Anyway this is violation of RFC.

You should use for load balancing A records.

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