On 27/04/16 13:15, barry...@gmail.com wrote:
Do u meant use ldapmodify?
I tried update the dse.ldif but it will fall back after a while.

2016年4月27日 下午7:10 於 "David Kupka" <dku...@redhat.com
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    On 27/04/16 12:48, barry...@gmail.com <mailto:barry...@gmail.com> wrote:


        Without restarting dirsrv possible do that ?

        thx Regards


    Hello Barry,

    this ldapsearch should list all attributes that needs restart after

    $ ldapsearch -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w Secret123 -b cn=config

    I don't see nsslapd-security listed so it should be possible to change it in

    David Kupka

Yes, I mean ldapmodify.

Editing dse.ldif while dirsrv is running has no effect because it is read only at start and written at least before exit.

If you REALLY need to edit dse.ldif be sure to stop dirsrv then edit it and start dirsrv again.

David Kupka

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