> Moreover, if you login through an SSH key, you don't get a ticket on
> login and you can't kinit, so you can't access any network resources
> anyway..
A bit off topic, but a related question:
How does nfsv4 work with ssh keys ? Does it mean that you can't use ssh
keys if /home is nfsv4 mounted ? I had tried nfsv4 briefly, but had some
issues, and didn't look it in too much detail. Also, is it possible to use
nfsv4 home in an HPC cluster environment where something like torque or
slurm schedules jobs ? For nfsv3, I suppose the workload manager runs as
the user, and hence it can read/write to the user's directory. Would it
still be possible to do that in an nfsv4 system ? How would renewals happen
for long running jobs without any user interaction ?
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