On 29.4.2016 17:46, Wanka, Silvio wrote:
> Hi,
> if I search in the web for this problem I don’t find an useable solution, 
> maybe my search pattern is wrong. ;-)
> I have setup an IPA domain with integrated DNS but because the most systems 
> here are Windows servers and clients the IPA clients must use the same IP 
> ranges. So the reverse zones are located on AD domain controllers. These 
> reverse zones are of course configured as forward zones on the IPA DNS 
> server. So reverse lookup works properly for all AD computers but I miss a 
> possibility that if we join a computer to IPA which adds a DNS record or 
> manually add a DNS record that the reverse record will be automatically added 
> on AD site as it would be done if the reverse zone would be located on IPA 
> site.
> Is there the only possibility to manage the reverse record on AD site 
> manually or update/refresh it per regular running script?
> I have a one-way trust to AD but won’t change it to two-way, if necessary and 
> possible I would use a special AD account for that.

I can see two options:
- configure DHCP server to somehow update the DNS server (to avoid
authentication of client machines to to the DNS server for updates)

- use two-way trust - you already denied this option

Sorry, we do not have better answer for you right now.

Petr^2 Spacek

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