I am running a freeipa server 4.2.x.

I have the following password global password policy set to force a history
of 3

ipa pwpolicy-mod global_policy --history=3 --maxlife=90 --minlength=8
--maxfail=3 --failinterval=300

This works good when the user himself changes the password.. and IPA does
not allow reusing older password.

However, if the admin resets it "ipa user-mod testuser --random" then it
seems to reset the password history as well and the user can now re-use his
older password

Is this expected or is there something I can do about it.

Also, is there a way to get the password expiry warning at the terminal
when a user logs in , something similar to the "pwdExpireWarning" in ldap.

I searched a bit and could only find setting up email alerts .

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