On (03/05/16 21:27), Hosakote Nagesh, Pawan wrote:
>Our apps are running in a docker image based on Ubuntu 14.04 that cannot be 
>changed to redhat. We want to install freeipa-clietn within this docker so 
>that our app
>Uses freeipa ldap as against default ldap.
and that's the reason why you needn't care about base image
in container world.

sssd container can be based on fedora and other application
can be based on ubuntu. And they will share common directories
with unix pipes which are used communication with sssd.

In another words, you just need to install package  libnss-sss
and libpam-sss (if you need an authenticatio as well)
in client/application container
+ bind mount directories /var/lib/sss/pipes/ /var/lib/sss/mc/.


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