Hosakote Nagesh, Pawan wrote:
Our apps are running in a docker image based on Ubuntu 14.04 that cannot be 
changed to redhat. We want to install freeipa-clietn within this docker so that 
our app
Uses freeipa ldap as against default ldap.

The freeipa-client gets successfully installed in Ubuntu 14.04 plain machine, 
that why is why I am hoping making it run in a Ubun14.04 docker should also be 
very much possible.

As you can see the things get stuck in not starting bus process properly(this 
problem is not seen in ubuntu on plain machine). I cannot see much debug 
statements by enabling —debug option in ipa-client-install.
Its not clear why this process doesn’t get started and what is missing in 
container as against plain machine which is making this install fail.

I am on to this issue for 2 full days now. I am pasting whatever debug 
statements I got during install, here:

ipa-client-install —domain=<ourdoamin> —server= <ourserver> 
hostname=jupyterhub.com --no-ntp --no-dns-sshfp

Log (After Error starts to happen)

My main suspect is dbus service unable to start in this container where it 
launches on a plain machine.

The root of the problem appears to be:

dbus: unrecognized service



On 5/3/16, 2:03 PM, "Lukas Slebodnik" <lsleb...@redhat.com> wrote:

On (03/05/16 18:25), Hosakote Nagesh, Pawan wrote:
Currently this is the error I m stuck with. There isn’t enough material online 
to proceed further. Failure starts with bus error..

Logs during ipa-client-install..

Synchronizing time with KDC...
Password for service_...@eaz.ebayc3.com:
Successfully retrieved CA cert
    Subject:     CN=Certificate Authority,O=EAZ.EBAYC3.COM
    Issuer:      CN=Certificate Authority,O=EAZ.EBAYC3.COM
    Valid From:  Mon Dec 07 05:17:30 2015 UTC
    Valid Until: Fri Dec 07 05:17:30 2035 UTC

Enrolled in IPA realm EAZ.EBAYC3.COM
Created /etc/ipa/default.conf
New SSSD config will be created
Configured /etc/sssd/sssd.conf
Configured /etc/krb5.conf for IPA realm EAZ.EBAYC3.COM
dbus failed to start: Command '/usr/sbin/service dbus start ' returned non-zero 
exit status 1
I think the error message is clear.
There was a problem with starting dbus service within a container.

certmonger failed to stop: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 
certmonger request for host certificate failed
2016-05-02 22:11:53,099 CRIT reaped unknown pid 241)

On 5/3/16, 1:45 AM, "Lukas Slebodnik" <lsleb...@redhat.com> wrote:

On (29/04/16 17:16), Hosakote Nagesh, Pawan wrote:
Thanks for your quick response. I am trying this on ubuntu.

This is the bug I m facing right now: 
They say its fixed in Trusty release of Ubuntu. But it doesn’t work for me. 
There is no other material also
On how to fix this dbus error.

root@jupyterhub:/#  lsb_release -rd
Description:    Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS
Release:    14.04
Do I understand it correctly that you want to build your own image
based on ubuntu?

If answer is yes then I would recommend to use ubuntu xenial (16.04).

But the benefit of container technologies is that you can use
image based on different distribution and therefore it would be the
best if you could use https://hub.docker.com/r/fedora/sssd/
(which was already mentioned.

May I know why you do not want to use existing working contianer
based on image fedora/sssd.

You would save some time with troubleshooting things which were already solved.

If you want a help then please provide more info.
I assume you use docker and not lxd (based on subject)
Please share details how did you build an image and how do you
run container ...


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