On Friday, May 06, 2016 09:04:59 Martin Basti wrote:
> since IPA4.2 web UI contains API browser (IPA Server/API Browser)
> So for example for caacl-add:
> api.Command.caacl_add(u'argument-ca-acl-name', description=u"optional
> description")
> you can try commands in "ipa console" it contains initialized API, just
> call api.Command.<your-favorite-command>()
> API.txt provides the same information as API browser, but browser looks
> better :)
> Feel free to ask anything, if you identified gaps in docs which are hard
> to understand for non-IPA developer feel free report it, or feel free to
> create howTo in freeipa.org page.

Thanks for the pointers. I'm looking at automating some user and group 
additions, group editing, etc.  Am I right in assuming that anything that uses 
the api.Command.<some_command> will require a kinit <user> before it is run, 
even if it is via the Python API? If I want to use a user/pass from the script 
itself (and not have a shell script which does kinit, then fires off my Python 
script) would I be better off hitting the web API with sessions and JSON-RPC as 
detailed here:


Put another way, since I want to hit the API from a system that might not have 
sssd installed, nor has joined the realm, I assume it would be *impossible* to 
use api.Command.<something> as it relies on a Kerberos ticket?  To put it yet 
another way: is there a way to hand a user/pass to the Python API and 
authenticate that way.

Those are the questions I did not see addressed in the docs that I found.  
There were lots of examples of invoking commands, but I never saw anything 
about authenticating to the server before running the commands.

Thanks again for the pointers, and if there is documentation I missed, feel 
free to point me in that direction.


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