On 05/08/16 21:32, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Hi folks,
> the freeipa packages for client and server on Debian depend
> upon ntp. Is this hard requirement really necessary? Usually
> ntp is useless in containers (e.g. LXC), since the hardware
> access is not permitted and since there is exactly one system
> time managed by dom0.
> I understand that having the exact time is essential for
> Kerberos, but the install-server and install-client scripts
> are very verbose about not having ntp installed. That should
> be sufficient.
> I would suggest to drop the hard requirement for ntp in
> freeipa's debian/control.

You don't actually have to run NTP, and you can perform the
(client-|server-)install using the `--no-ntp` flag.

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