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On 09.05.2016 00:48, Alexandre de Verteuil wrote:
* Alexandre de Verteuil <alexan...@deverteuil.net> [2016-05-03 15:09] :
Tomorrow I am giving a short presentation at my workplace to talk about
it and invite other sysadmins to try it.

I would like to make a slide showing the current adoption of FreeIPA. I
read that Red Hat uses it internally, but do they actually deploy it in
their client's infrastructures? Are there any big companies that use it?
Even if I only have reports of schools and small businesses would be
good enough to say it's production ready and it has traction.
Hello all,

Thank you very much for your input. I do encourage you to write a page of
success stories, or at least mention that it is being used in small to
large scale production sites. Who uses FreeIPA is one of the first
questions I am asked when I talk about it.

I did my presentation as promised and I received good feedback and
people mentioned they were interested in trying it and learning more. I
have also repeated the presentation last friday at a smaller scale and
this time I have filmed it.


Best regards,

Nice video!

Please note that docs on fedorahosted are really outdated, please use rather official Red Hat IdM guides

Also a nit-pick: LDAP is '90ies, not '80ies. First LDAP version is dated
1993, while LDAPv3 as used nowadays came out in 1997. Even X.500 series
of standards which conceptually define a store LDAP supposed to access,
were first approved in 1988.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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