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> > >If I can get an exclusion for the sub-CA bits, can that be added at a
> > >later time and just run with a root CA for now?  Can it perform all of
> > >the needs of an org CA outside of an IPA environment?
> > Not through the IPA interfaces but standard Dogtag is there, with its
> > (albeit a
> > bit cumbersome) web UI. So I guess you could do what IPA doesn't allow via
> > that one, though there will be no support for these functions.
> > 
> What functions does IPA not allow?
I meant support as in 'Red Hat would not support your use of Dogtag behind 
FreeIPA beyond what is officially supported in FreeIPA", not the actual 
features of Dogtag.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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