Tuned out to be the default_domain_suffix setting. It appears our RHEL 6.5 
installs ignore it but RHEL 6.8 doesn't. Now that the setting actually does 
something I've discovered my setting was wrong.


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On (11/05/16 17:17), Watson, Dan wrote:
>Hi All,
>I've run into some strangeness and I just haven't been able to find a solution 
>On my existing RHEL 6.5 servers everything runs fine. I do not use the IPA 
>client install but rather manually setup SSSD, LDAP and Kerberos. We've got a 
>RHEL 6.8 machine that just was added to IPA and it's showing some strangeness.
>RHEL 6.5:
>getent passwd
>username:*:12345678:12345678:User Name:/home/username:/bin/bash
The output looks like with disabled option

>RHEL 6.8:
>getent passwd
>usern...@domain.com:*:12345678:12345678:User  Name:/home/username:/bin/bash
The output looks like with enabled option

By default it should be false.
However, if you use default_domain_suffix then the default value is true.

This bug fix was introduced in 1.13.0


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