Hello all,

I have been testing to see if freeIPA is a workable solution in our mixed
CentOS and Macintosh environment. I've been doing all this testing on
virtual machines. So far, on my own, everything I need seems to be working
with the exception of resetting expired passwords on the Macintosh
(v10.11.4) GUI. The symptoms are exactly as described in this thread:

When looking around this mailing list, I saw thread that details an
alternative approach to setting up Macintosh clients. It was written by
Răzvan Corneliu C.R. VILT and can be found here:

I have some questions for the author himself or anyone who has replicated
his work:

   - Which OS X versions has this been tested on?
   - Does changing a expired password work on an OS X GUI login?
   - Does the LDIF file included in that thread only work for MIT Kerberos
   or does it also work for Heimdal?

Thank you,
Stefan Zecevic
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