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> On Mon, 16 May 2016, Lachlan Musicman wrote:
> >Hola,
> >
> >We have an interesting scenario that is hard to find any information on.
> >
> >Due to permission restrictions, a NAS that is mounted and visible by
> >both AD and 'nix clients, every user belongs to a particular primary group.
> What scope these primary groups have in AD?

They are a mix of Global and Universal.

> >When we try doing idoverride's on the groups, it fails with the Primary
> >Group. In some cases, the primary group doesn't even appear in a getent
> >or id request. Sometimes it appears with incorrect name or GID.
> >
> >We have found it hard to get repeatable "failures", but here are two:
> >
> >1. getent group <groupname> (where groupname is any group, but is a
> >primary group for a subset of members)
> >
> > - does not return any member that has groupname as a primary group in AD.
> >
> >2. Overriding a group
> >
> >if the user has that group as a primary group (in AD), it will override
> >the name, but not the GID.
> >else, the override works.
> >
> >There were a number of other unusual results that are hard to explain
> >how to reproduce because it was all so seemingly random.
> Primary groups in AD are a bit complex. SSSD needs to improve on their 
> handling
> as, for example, Samba only recognizes primary groups from AD, not any others,
> and there should be some coherence to make things actually work correctly.

Yep - for us it's a samba issue at the bottom (the last yak to shave is the 
samba straddling both windows and linux domains, which is a solved 
problem/fixed constraint).

> >I feel like it would be an obvious need - to translate or override AD
> >primary groups to FreeIPA groups, but this doesn't seem possible.
> There is only one primary group for a user. For Kerberos operations we 
> currently
> don't take ID overrides into account when constructing MS-PAC, so if AD users
> comes with GSSAPI to a FreeIPA client, its primary group SID will stay pinned 
> to
> AD's group, ignoring ID overrides.

What is MS-PAC?

> I'm not sure it would be possible to amend primary group SIDs with ID 
> overrides in
> general because a numeric value in the override for a gid does not mean there 
> is
> an actual group with a proper SID and name in FreeIPA for that gid.

Not interested in changing the SID. I want to change the GID. When the AD 
groups are read in FreeIPA they are given a GID like 1718800000.

I want that GID to be the same as it is in AD - eg 10004. That way, when a user 
rights to the shared drive on the linux side, the file is given the group 
ownership 10004. Which, when read on the Windows side, correctly maps to a 
group of users (instead of an individual). This is working in the current 
non-IPA system, but that system is not integrated. We want to integrate, hence 

> There is another issue, though. If a users' primary group has a domain local
> scope, FreeIPA will not be able to use that group through the forest 
> boundary, at
> least, it should be ignored according to the AD specs.

Ah, hence the scope question. 

No, none are Domain Local to my knowledge. 

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