On 05/19/2016 04:12 PM, lejeczek wrote:
> hi evebody
> I'd like to ask how does, what ipa installation does ot a box, relate to
> authconfig?
> I am specifically thinking of the fact that authconfig does not indicate that
> IPAv2 is used, on a box which is IPA member/client.
> Is it because it is for some older IPA, that "v2"? If yes, then should 
> authconf
> not reflect somehow that IPA is configured and used?

The IPAv2 related options in authconfig are rather outdated and will be removed
in future (we are having all sort of discussions what to do with authconfig).

Please simply use ipa-client-install if you are joining IPA. If you are joining
AD, use realmd. If you are connecting to some other Identity system, you can
use authconfig (and probably just enable SSSD) or edit PAM in the worst case.

There is some information in this doc:


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