On 27.05.2016 23:11, Michael Rainey (Contractor) wrote:

Greetings community,

I've run into an interesting problem which may be old hat to all of you. I was working to bring down my first IPA server and did it improperly. It was a rookie mistake, but I'm willing to view it as an exercise in recovering from a massive master server failure.

The original master server is gone with no way of recovering and I have managed to replace the master server with one of my replicas, but I find myself in a situation where I cannot remove the original master server from the directory. It is still seen as a master server and the webUI will not let me delete the system. Is there a process somewhere that will walk me through the process of demoting the server so I can delete it from the directory?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

*Michael Rainey*


have you tried ipa-replica-manage del <old server hostname> [--cleanup] [--force] on the current replicas?

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