Today I tried my very first ipa-backup attempt. The command reported 'The ipa-backup command was successful'

YET  I saw:

/usr/sbin/db2ldif: line 157: 22567 Segmentation fault /usr/sbin/ns-slapd db2ldif -D /etc/dirsrv/slapd-DOMAIN-NET -n userRoot -a "/var/l
ib/dirsrv/slapd-DOMAIN-NET/ldif/DOMAIN-NET-userRoot.ldif" -r

I am running Centos 7.2. After googling, I did find -

How am I supposed to backup this box? I want to run the backup-script nightly to generate the tarball so I can use another script to backup it up along with other stuff. It is a small system with no replication.

As a Centos 7.2 user am I just out of luck since it appears the various bugs I am encountering with this software are not being fixed except in newer versions of freeipa and sssd which are not available
via the standard repos?

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