On 05/29/2016 07:11 PM, Ben .T.George wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to know how can i proceed with best practices
> My AD domain is : corp.examle.com.kw <http://corp.examle.com.kw>
> My DNS (appliances ) : kw.test.com <http://kw.test.com>
> All my clients are pointed to kw.test.com <http://kw.test.com> including AD.
> How can i proceed with Free IPA installation? where i need to manage DNS of 
> freeipa master server?
> creating new DNS zone in kw.test.com <http://kw.test.com> will be little bit 
> difficult.
> which will be best configuration with minimal changes in existing setup.

The best resources for this topic is probably


This may be related:


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