Hi folks,
As the subject suggests, we're converting from FreeIPA 3.0.0 on CentOS 6 to 
4.2.0 on CentOS 7. The way we're doing it is to create FreeIPA replicas in 
CentOS 7 and then hope to promote one of them to the CA master. I'm running 
into two problems:

The first is that when we create a replica in FreeIPA 4.2.0 with the —setup-ca 
option, that portion fails. Here's a snippet of the output:
Configuring certificate server (pki-tomcatd). Estimated time: 3 minutes 30 
  [1/23]: creating certificate server user
  [2/23]: configuring certificate server instance
ipa.ipaserver.install.cainstance.CAInstance: CRITICAL Failed to configure CA 
instance: Command ''/usr/sbin/pkispawn' '-s' 'CA' '-f' '/tmp/tmpqPeYOW'' 
returned non-zero exit status 1
ipa.ipaserver.install.cainstance.CAInstance: CRITICAL See the installation logs 
and the following files/directories for more information:
ipa.ipaserver.install.cainstance.CAInstance: CRITICAL   
ipa.ipaserver.install.cainstance.CAInstance: CRITICAL   /var/log/pki/pki-tomcat
  [error] RuntimeError: CA configuration failed.
Your system may be partly configured.
Run /usr/sbin/ipa-server-install --uninstall to clean up.

Second, I've tried a "trick" where I run an ipa-backup on the 4.2.0 replica and 
then restore it, hoping to convince the server that it's now a master. When I 
try to run ipa-replica-prepare, it quickly exits with the mysterious "no such 
entry" error:

[root@ipa ~]# ipa-replica-prepare ipa4test.example.local --ip-address
Directory Manager (existing master) password:

Preparing replica for ipa4test.example.local from ipa.example.local
no such entry

Ideas, suggestions, and help are very welcome!

Best regards,

Daniel Alex Finkelstein| Senior Dev Ops Engineer
dan.finkelst...@h5g.com<mailto:dan.finkelst...@h5g.com> | 212.604.3447
One World Trade Center, New York, NY 10007
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