He folks,
   I was looking for information on accessing the web API from python.
Between other info in this list the
blog post and a little trial and error I got it working. The following
python script logs in with a username and password then retrieves all the
users in the development group and prints the uid.

  I hope this helps some folks out, and saves some time.

*#! /usr/bin/env python
*__author__ = *'michaelluich'
*author_email = *'michael.lu...@actifio.com <michael.lu...@actifio.com>'*,
*import *requests*import *json

baseurl = *'https://identity1.corp.actifio.com/ipa/session/
*# Fill in your details here to be posted to the login form.
*payload = {
    *'user'*: *'USERNAME'*,
    *'password'*: *'PASSWORD'
*# Use 'with' to ensure the session context is closed after use.
**with *requests.Session() *as *s:
    *#Login to the server
*    headers = {*'referer'*: *'https://identity1.corp.actifio.com/ipa/
               *"Content-Type" *: *"application/x-www-form-urlencoded"*,
                *"Accept" *:*"text/plain"*,
    p = s.post(baseurl+*"login_password"*, verify=False, data=payload,
    *# print the html returned or something more intelligent to see if
it's a successful login page.
*    *if *p.status_code != 200:
        *print **"Login Problem"
*        exit(77)

    *# Get the user list.
**    # The payload information can be found by running ipa -vv user-find.
*    payload = {
    *"id"*: 0,
    *"method"*: *"user_find"*,
    *"params"*: [
*            ],
                *"all"*: *"false"*,
                *"in_group"*: [
*                ],
                *"no_members"*: *"false"*,
                *"pkey_only"*: *"false"*,
                *"raw"*: *"false"*,
                *"version"*: *"2.156"*,
                *"whoami"*: *"false"
*            }

    headers = {*'referer'*: *'https://identity1.corp.actifio.com/ipa/
               *'Content-Type'*: *'application/json'*,
               *'Accept'*: *'applicaton/json'*,
    r = s.post(baseurl+*"json"*, verify=False,
data=json.dumps(payload), headers=headers)

    *for *object *in *userJson[*'result'*][*'result'*]:
        *print *object[*'uid'*]



*Michael Luich*
*Senior DevOps **Engineer*
*e* michael.lu...@actifio.com

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