my apologies if the question is  asked too frequently

While implementing an SSO in my environment, i have a need to integrate
with existing AD Win2008R2.
The systems i need to be included into SSO can only authorize via LDAP,
many of them have been already configured and tested against FreeIPA and
local users. Those systems are apache, jira, radius and so.

However, how is it applicable for external users from windows AD?
Trusted relations have been configured according to manual.

As stated in FreeIPA 4.3 release notes,

"AD users are now shown as members of IPA groups when external group is
added to IPA group #4403"

So i expect external users to be visible by ldapsearch etc on FreeIPA upon
corresponding groups mapping. Well, no. Users are not visible.

Please advise is this achievable at all or do i have some fundamental
misunderstanding of the technology or is there some misconfiguration?

Thanks a lot.
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