Michael Rainey (Contractor) wrote:
Greetings Community,

I have a question about restoring the DNA Ranges on my IPA servers.  A
couple of weeks ago I took down one of my servers which involved a few
issues I had created for myself, but luckily I managed to recover.
Today I noticed that the DNA Ranges on the retired server was not
carried over to the new server.  After checking my other servers, I also
noticed none of the other servers have any ranges set.  So, my primary
question is; if I reset the range values to what they were on the
retired server to the new server, do I run the risk of generating
duplicate UIDs and GIDs, or should I set a new range to prevent
duplicate values?

At this point, I haven't found anything in my research which matches my
current scenario.

You don't mention which version of IPA you have. If you have 4.x+ then you can use ipa-replica-manage to manage the DNA ranges.

You shouldn't have any problems setting a new range. Being careful about overlap is good but I'm pretty sure the uniqueness plugin will prevent duplicate UID/GID but I haven't experimented with it. I typically recommend ensuring that there is no overlap when setting a new range.

Re-using the range from another server should carry no risk as long as only one master is offering that range.


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