On Tue, Jun 07, 2016 at 08:21:21PM +0000, Nathan Peters wrote:
> I have a fresh installation of CentOS 6.8 joined to a FreeIPA 4.3.0 domain on 
> Fedora 23.
> When I try to sudo on this host, it fails.  Here are the log entries from 
> /var/log/secure.  Note that we have several hundred CentOS 6.5-6.7 machines 
> where this works fine.
> Is this a new bug in CentOS 6.8?

It's true that in 6.8, the sudo part was changed quite a bit, but we
haven't heard about any bugs so far. Could you please follow:
and also:
to inspect SSSD logs? For authentication failed you'll probably want to
take a look at the domain logs and maybe the krb5_child.log

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