In /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-LOCALDOMAIN-LOCAL/errors on all IPA master/replicas:, there's a multitude of these messages. There are no other error messages and replication, from viewing access log, appears to be working

[08/Jun/2016:10:06:08 +0100] attrlist_replace - attr_replace (nsslapd-referral, ldap://ipa.localdomain.local:389/dc%3Dlocaldomain%2Cdc%3Dlocal) failed.

> ipa-replica-manage list-ruv

ipa.localdomain.local:389: 4
ipa4.localdomain.local:389: 28
ipa2.localdomain.local:389: 17
ipa3.localdomain.local:389: 29
ipa2.localdomain.local:389: 8

This is correct, yes?

- c sawyer

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