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FreeIPA/SSSD client use IP address of interface/vlan/subnet which is use to communicate (LDAP) with FreeIPA server.

However, if you have dyndns_update set to True in sssd.conf, you can also set dyndns_iface to point to correct interface which IP addresses will be dynamically updated in DNS, see:

$ man sssd-ipa
       dyndns_iface (string)
Optional. Applicable only when dyndns_update is true. Choose the interface or a list of interfaces whose IP addresses should be used for dynamic DNS updates. Special value “*” implies that IPs from all interfaces
           should be used.

NOTE: While it is still possible to use the old ipa_dyndns_iface option, users should migrate to using dyndns_iface in their config file.

Default: Use the IP addresses of the interface which is used for IPA LDAP connection

           Example: dyndns_iface = em1, vnet1, vnet2

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On 6/8/2016 1:00 PM, Detlev Habicht wrote:
Hi all,

well, i am really a beginner with IPA and just trying to setup some
test systems. In the moment one IPA server, one NFS/Samba server and a
fedora CLient. I am running IPA 4.2, Scientific Linux 7.2 and Fedora 23.

The most important things are running now.

But i have a problem with DNS entries left. Maybe while installing
IPA i make mistakes with the NFS Server. On this NFS server i have 5
interfaces. 4
of them now as bond interface. So i am running two IPs now: nn.16 and

But while installing IPA (with DNS) it takes the wrong one (16):

2016-05-26T14:08:12Z DEBUG Writing nsupdate commands to
2016-05-26T14:08:12Z DEBUG debug
update delete nnnix.nnn.intern. IN A
update delete nnnix.nnn.intern. IN AAAA
update add nnnix.nnn.intern. 1200 IN A nnn.nn.nn.16
2016-05-26T14:08:12Z DEBUG Starting external process
2016-05-26T14:08:12Z DEBUG args='/usr/bin/nsupdate' '-g'

I can change the DNS entry on the IPA server to nn.33 at runtime. Then
is ok. But when i boot the NFS server, it is changing the DNS entry on
the IPA Server to nn.16.

What can i do so the IPA client (here my NFS Server) is using the right IP?
I don’t find any conf-File … Is there any point where i can change this IP?

Thanx for any help!


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