On Wed, 08 Jun 2016, Eivind Olsen wrote:
We have previously used a script to send "password expiration" reminders to our users. The script did this by doing LDAP search and checking krbLastPwdChange and krbPasswordExpiration. This seems to have stopped working, possibly a while ago. It now looks like the script is unable to match anything with the following filter:

"(&(!(nsAccountLock=TRUE))(krbLastPwdChange<=$(date +%Y%m%d --date='-1 week')000000Z)(krbPasswordExpiration<=$(date +%Y%m%d --date='+1 week')000000Z))"

...that is, unless I run it manually and tell ldapsearch I want to use GSSAPI.
No, you need to be authenticated, no matter how. Anonymous connections
don't have access to majority of attributes in FreeIPA 4.x+.

What's the best / proper way of implementing something like this on a more recent IPA (say, running on RHEL 7.2 with IPA 4.2.0) ? I see some possible methods but none of these feel "right":
Make a service (ipa service-add), download a keytab with the key for
this service and use gss-proxy to provide refreshing credentials based
on the keytab to a script that runs periodically.

* I can hardcode an admin user + password in the script, and have it run "kinit"
* I can create a keytab file for a user and use that
* I can modify ACL/ACIs in 389ds

Am I overlooking a nice and obvious solution? :)
Your 'keytab' solution should be OK but I strongly suggest you to use
service, not user here.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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