krnrd b wrote:
Hi All,

I am not able to login to sonatype nexus gui after configuring ldap
details on nexus.

can any one provide me nexus ldap configuration details.

Please find the attached screen shot which i have configured.

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3

Thanks and Regards,

I don't know if your app will combine the search base with the base DN for users and groups. You'd have to check the 389-ds access logs to see for sure.

But in either case, users are in cn=users,cn=accounts[,$BASE] and groups are in cn=groups,cn=accounts[,$BASE]. I don't know what the user/group subtree checkbox means.

For user objectclass I'd use posixAccount

If you want only the POSIX groups I'd use posixGroup for the objectclass, otherwise use groupofnames.

Also change the group member attribute to member.

Watching the 389-ds access log will help determine what is being asked for (vs what is available). Note that this log is buffered by default for 30 seconds so patience is needed.


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