Hello all,


I have a IPA server - IPA 4.2 - and i have added a new IPA to geographic


I have added it as stated in the documentation here:


All was replicated correctly, and i can do a kinit user@DOMAIN with success
within the replica.

However there is a problem with the DNS sections:


Although it DNS is ok, my configuration within IPA on the first server
regarding DNS zones that are set on forward only are not.

In my first server, i can do a forward of domain - let's say
<http://domain.eu> domain.eu. On the second server (replica) the forward is
shown configured correctly within the webgui but it does not work, giving a
NX error on query  <http://www.domain.eu> www.domain.eu (the A Record exists
and is shown on the first server). It also shows on dig on the replica (dig
@x.x.x.x www.domain.eu), so it isn't a network permissions issue.


I have deleted the zone on the master (and replica), and recreated it. On
the first server, it worked fine. On the replica the problem persisted.


Am I missing anything? Is there a undocumented trick, or have i missed


Thanks for your help.



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