I wrote a plugin a long time ago for this, just put it on Github for you:


This adds support for the mailAlternateAddress (AKA alias) schema to the

On 14/06/16 23:27, Günther J. Niederwimmer wrote:
> Hello, > > Is there a way to differ the Mail addresses from a user. > > I
setup a User with with 3 Mail addresses in IPA UI > > User: Peter > >
pe...@xxx.net > pe...@yyyy.com > pe...@aaaa.bbb > > for me, I can't
found a way to setup this correct in a dovecot way? > > I mean I must
have a "aliases" field in Ldap ? > > I am not a Ldap Profi ;-), but why
I can insert more EMail addresses when I > can't found this later. > >
Have any a answer for my problem, > > Thanks >

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