On 06/23/2016 08:44 AM, Bruno Henrique Barbosa wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have setup a FreeIPA environment back in 2014, using at that moment, CentOS 6.5 and all ipa packages of version 3.0. We're studying a possible use of Fedora in some of our new demands and we thought about upgrading FreeIPA to the latest version. Since we have many many CentOS 6 boxes, we need to know if they will work with newer FreeIPA servers (4.3 specially) and if so, how hard is this upgrade process.

Thank you!

You can deploy a reproducer newer than the master. This would be the upgrade process before taking the old master offline. All custom schemas and data are carried over, so the effect should be transparent to the clients, as long as they are only using SRV record lookups for IPA.

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