Hi All,

I need to store user passwords with reverse encryption for an application.

I know the AES plugin is enabled and available :

# AES, Password Storage Schemes, plugins, config
dn: cn=AES,cn=Password Storage Schemes,cn=plugins,cn=config
cn: AES
nsslapd-pluginDescription: AES storage scheme plugin
nsslapd-pluginEnabled: on
nsslapd-pluginId: aes-storage-scheme
nsslapd-pluginInitfunc: aes_init
nsslapd-pluginPath: libpbe-plugin
nsslapd-pluginType: reverpwdstoragescheme
nsslapd-pluginVendor: 389 Project
nsslapd-pluginarg0: nsmultiplexorcredentials
nsslapd-pluginarg1: nsds5ReplicaCredentials
nsslapd-pluginprecedence: 1
objectClass: top
objectClass: nsSlapdPlugin
objectClass: extensibleObject

How do I apply this plugin to the userPassword attribute of a single or
multiple users?


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