Hi there,

I am still working on migrating my users from NIS to IPA. I have a lot of
it working. However, the issue I am dealing with now is that NFS UID
ownership on nfs/ipa-client machine is not updating when I change the
owner's UID and update the files ownership on the NFS server.

I refreshed the sssd cache and restarted nfs-idmapd before changing owner
on the NFS server, to make sure I had the most up-to-date info from the IPA
server. The user (20182) correctly owns the files on the NFS server.

I refreshed the sssd cache on the nfs/ipa-client. I also tried restarting
nfs-client.target and relogging. No dice. My user files are still owned by
old UID (20114) on the client, even though they are automounted from the
NFS server. The user entity is correct on the client (UID 20182).

How do I get the file ownership info to update correctly on the nfs client?


Joanna Delaporte
Linux Systems Administrator | Parkland College
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