Troels Hansen wrote:
Hi, we have 2 IPA servers setup in replication.
All works fine, except sometimes I see unable to authenticate.
It goes on for like 2-5 minutes, and then everything works again. When
looking at the logs I see nothing, except err?53 which means incorrect
password, but its NOT!

[07/Jul/2016:19:38:19 +0200] conn=370373 TLS1.2 128-bit AES-GCM
[07/Jul/2016:19:38:19 +0200] conn=370373 op=0 BIND
dn="uid=th,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=casalogic,dc=lan" method=128 version=3
[07/Jul/2016:19:38:19 +0200] conn=370373 op=0 RESULT err=53 tag=97
nentries=0 etime=0
[07/Jul/2016:19:38:19 +0200] conn=370373 op=1 UNBIND
[07/Jul/2016:19:38:19 +0200] conn=370373 op=1 fd=118 closed - U1

Anyone having any clues about where to look?

53 is not bad password, it is unwilling to perform. The error log might have additional details.


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