I have successfully established trust and am able to obtain ticket granting 
ticketkinit user@AD_DOMAIN.COMI can also do kinit admin@IPA_DOMAIN.COMssh 
admin@IPA_DOMAIN.COM also works
however, ssh user@AD_DOMAIN.COM or user@ad_domain.com fails
I have checked that there are no hbac rules other then the default allow_all 
in sssd_ssh.log see
permission denied (6) error in sssd_ipa.domain.log file I see
pam_handler_callback 6 permission_denied
in sssd_nss.log Unable to get information from Data ProviderError: 3 Account 
info lookup failedWill try to return what we have in cache
in /var/log/secure received for user user@AD_DOMAIN.COM: 6 (Permission denied) 

I can provided full logs if necessary to diagnose the above problem.
----------Additionally, I would like to be able to login as user not 
My understanding that only thing that I have to change to make this happen is 
/etc/krb5.conffor line 
[libdefaults] default_realm=AD_DOMAN.COM and then restarting ipa services.
However, when I do this I get failure to restart Samba service
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