Hi, this is a bit of a non-sequitur, but occasionally it can seem like the 
problems never end and I wanted to pass along a success story. I’m sure these 
happen *a lot*, just taking the time to write.

About a year ago, did a `yum upgrade` to one of a servers in a 4.1.0 IPA 
cluster with a plan to move to 4.2.0 and it failed. Since I was 10,000 KM from 
the server at the time, I thought it was better not to mess with the remaining 
replica.  It’s been a busy year and I’m the only one that uses it right now, so 
I didn’t worry about it too much.

Today became upgrade day. First came the realization that a cluster topology 
requires at least two servers and I was trying to delete one of them (to re-add 
later). I took a guess that I could build a third server and add it to the 
remaining one, then remove the server that was left inconsistent after the 
failed upgrade. That worked and I was able to remove the inconsistent server 
from the cluster, uninstall IPA, upgrade the base OS, then reinstall, which 
also worked with no issues.

The last step was to upgrade the original server that was still running from 
last year. For that one, I took a leap to see if I could do a straight `yum 
upgrade` at the command line. This time it worked, again with no issue.

So there were a bunch of points there that things could have gone off the 
rails, but they worked smooth as silk. You all have my admiration and 
appreciation for all the hard work that went into that. There’s a LOT of moving 
parts that had to work to make that happen in a random field deployment and the 
fact that it did attests to the quality level you guys have reached. Bravo!

In any event, I’m really tickled to get client certificates in 4.2.0 now! I’ll 
also try getting my VPN talking to the server through RADIUS at some point. 
Also great see that 4.4.0a1 is out now, congrats on that!

best regards, Brian

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